Am SRI MAHALAKSHMI Here and we have formed and Established our own divine called SRI MAHALAKSHMI DIVINE KIRUPA both locally and have spread too many overseas countries till date.


Am Married and My Husband is a Doctor by profession and I have two Childrens , a pair of them ,who are studying at the hostel. My Husband Own a Hospital where I administrate and oversee the entire day to day functions. Designated as an ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTOR.


Spirituality can come to anyone anytime and it has great strengths and miracles. My life was routine as attached to normal chores of family and hospital. Am merely a housewife and not any saint. I have gone through countless problems and die hard struggles in life. Often posed question, as a doctor’s wife financially secured and as a young and beautiful wife, why do you say you face a lot of problems.

My answer elaborated as follows:

Life means problems and every household has its own problems different in nature for each. Being rich does not mean no problems. I have lot of enemies and great effort is taken by them to destroy me. Since childhood i have gone through a lot of sorrows, pain and tears and I have no idea of outside world and in no contact with anyone to share my personal problems. As days passed, things got worst and to its extreme, I then got closer to God spiritually and obtained divine blessings.


My Mother is (Trichy) SAMMAYAPURAM AMMA. I got married in Samayapuram temple and my own mother surrender me to Samayapuram Amma and said from now on she is your mother and she left. Since then I accepted her as my mother and I worship her with divine as conceived and born out of her.

My Next Mother is SIRUVACHYUR MADURAI KALI AMMA of Prembur, Trichy district. She adopted, raised, formed and moulded me, gave all fame, strength and saw every success and adored me in every ways.

My next mother is THAYAR SRI MAHALAKSHMI, who beautified me with Diamonds , Adored Precious stones , Gave the Glitter, the shine in life and initiated the divine power of blessings in me . Whoever seeks me and obtains my “Subiksham” (word referred as good sign in Tamil), they will be blessed and freed from their problems.

As time passed I grew more closer to God and even in the hospital people approached me for signatures and gained success and asked for medicine to be given from my own hands as they experienced the changes and success.

I then realised the divine strength within me and I asked Sri Mahalakshmi as follows:-

  • I want to be a housewife and be behind the screen.
  • I don’t want publicity and be seen.
  • I want to provide my service/blessings to all without any expectation, commitments, guide and assist in all ways whole heartedly.
  • I don’t want any money.

I refer Sri Mahalakshmi as my ‘Mummy’ and JAI SRI NARASIMMA as my ‘Daddy’.

Mummy Mahalakshmi then replied saying I cannot provide such, if I do not get known to the world outside, such unable to pass the mission of faith and achieve the desire. How do I commence this mummy! Mummy said to start firstly by advertising in the newspaper in Trichy followed by Madurai, Coimbatore, Thirunelveli by listing my name and contact number only, without address. Words spread eventually to the other districts. People started to contact me and the same week and over the phone and I will ask for their name, Marital status, age and I will then tell about them instantly and I will ask them to do remedies (“PariKaram”) to Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimma for 11 weeks in a nearby temple. Lakshmi Narasimma prayers denotes as follows 5 weeks sparks! , 8 weeks for his blessings and eventually by the 11 week, he will accomplish devotee’s desire. I love my daddy Sri Lakshmi Narasimma and Mummy Sri Mahalakshmi .

Devotees then started to share their experience, success and how they benefited. This spread to others and this is how I started to get known from a housewife and to what I am today. Many knewed I stayed in Trichy but do not know exactly where I lived as I did not want publicity or recognition. My ernest humble desire is for all to live happily with my granting of “Subiksham” without any expectation from any one. Gods message to me, the divine spirituality, am passing on with true divine to all as a gift. Gradually I started to get known in Tirupur and other districts only through the phone, the divine services. Suddenly one fine day, Mummy Sri Mahalakshmi on 7th day notified that it’s time for me now to meet personally people in the outside world and it will be at Thirunelveli on Vijaya Dhasami day and that I must meet.


OOR (Sivaganga) SUBIKSHAM on 12 March 2016

First “Sivaganga Subiksham” at Karaikudi, Ariyakudi and was truely deeply impressed with the people here.


From a housewife who does not know the outside world, first commencement of publicity via newspaper advertisement and the four Arangetrem and now District Subiksham, have moved step by step well planned ahead. Currently through Whatsapp only limited get blessings and this has to go out and reach to many others who are suffering and they must be relieved and blessed. Overseas countries in contact now are London, America, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, German, Canada, Paris, France, Oman, Russia, Ukraine etc and this has to be spread to the needy ones and I am willing to travel abroad too upon request.

I must share here what Sri Lakshmi Narasimma’s grace is and his blessings. 11 weeks is my target for completion. He is a great priceless gift for all who believe in him:

  • Blesses his devotees with wealth, business enhancement and prosperity
  • Provides work progress, career growth and development
  • Brings closeness and strengthen relationship between husband and wife to lead harmonious life
  • Grants childbirth
  • Instils education success
  • Heals sickness

Tomorrow is not the word , it’s today and believe in him confidently and surrender in his feet , JAI SRI NARASIMMA denoting;-

Jai for “Success”
Sri for “Mahalakshmi”
Narasimma as “Daddy”

Such, publicity first started with newspaper advertisement, Arrangetrem and now going ahead with district Subiksham and eventually to overseas countries from a mere housewife. In the information technology world, we commenced introduction via you tube and now venturing into our own website. When you have a divine Guru, there is extra ordinary powers and your obstacles eventually get cleared and Subiksham is given. Without a Guru, no one can divinely administer. Sri Lakshmi Narasimma will then provide his blessings. Having journed a problematic and painful life and being hit badly, I became tougher and very closer to faith and gained spiritual powers and the desire to grow to serve others without any expectation. Also this is a priceless divine strength which must not be wasted, instead spread Gods faith across to all in need. Its only 3 years now am in contact with people and not any saint. If you share your problems via whatsapp only, I will certainly plead for you with Sri Lakshmi Narasimma and assist you in every way to the best. You may refer to clippings for witness of how child birth was granted to Mrs. Padmavawathy from Chennai after 14 years and Mr Satish of Bombay after 16 years respectively and many other miracles occurred.

Each of you who listens or reads my speech here will certainly receive my blessings and Subiksham directly and this is sincerely ultimate truth. Learn to say, “Jai Sri Narasimma” and pronounce this often. Faith and divine, has no difference among the poor and rich as God message is only one and am here to reach out to you openly!

Every Thursday I give a Guru speech and please listen as this will bring you happiness, harmony and lots of information. Subiksham starts with people, to temple and finally the entire district will be receive subiksham overall.

This is my journey to date and come to Sri Lakshmi Narasimma with love, devotion, believe and confidence and he will be with you in every way!