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Am SRI MAHALAKSHMI Here and we have formed and Established our own divine called SRI MAHALAKSHMI DIVINE KIRUPA both locally and have spread too many overseas countries till date.

Spirituality can come to anyone anytime and it has great strengths and miracles. My life was routine as attached to normal chores of family and hospital. Am merely a housewife and not any saint.  I have gone through countless problems and die hard struggles in life. Often posed question, as a doctor’s wife financially secured and as a young and beautiful wife, why do you say you face a lot of problems?        

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Jai Sri Narasimma Manthram (Karu Undana Vitham)

Prasanam at Kanayakumari
Mahalakshmi commence to Kanayakumari
Kalyani Ammal, Trichy
Balasubramanian, Tirunelveli
Divya, Salem
Padhmavathi, Chennai